Finding Exercise Variations : That Work For You

You are unique!

Our shape, size, needs, and our basic wants all differ from person to person, day to day.

From the way we roll out of the bed in the morning, to laying back down at night, we are all unique.

We accept this, knowing we’re different, knowing we have our own system that works for us, and helps define our individuality.

In the gym, just like life, there is no one size fits all template, you have to find your own individuality.

Equipment will have to adjusted, exercises will have to modified and replaced.

If you think about it, with our individual movement patterns, goals, fitness level, and accessibility there are thousands of exercises modifications and variations.

Inability to perform a exercises, or lack of equipment are generally the two limiting factors someone may need exercises variations.

The focus when finding modifications, is ensuring we attack the same stimulus, moving us toward the end goal result.

If you were working hamstrings, and the equipment was taken you used, replace it with a exercises those hamstrings.  Don’t replace it with a quad exercises, or a bicep curl.

You’re not just burning calories, your training needs to be in line with your goals.

Finding the best variations for you, may take some trial and error.

But when you find what works best for you, it will improve the quality of your training.

– Joe


How I Almost Missed The Signs : My First Competition

I’ve always thought I was strong in a gym setting. Lifting with friends shooting for PRs.

I recently wanted to test myself, so I did my first weightlifting meet.

My goal was just to do well, considering I had no real expectations or understand how a meet was even ran.

I went 6/6

Snatching 122/268
Clean & Jerk 152/335.

I had the heaviest clean and jerk and heaviest snatch. Winning the overall as well.

My coach and I looked up the current national records for my division the snatch was 120.

It feels great to say I “unoffically” broke a national record by hitting that 122.

And a total that would place me 2nd in the nation!