Pull Up Variations

“I want to be able to do a Pull-up!”

Outside of “I want to loose weight” and “I want to get stronger.”

I can’t think of a more common goal among someone starting in the gym.

Pull-ups are simple and effective, after all you’re just pulling your body weight up above a bar…

This is that easier said that done moment.

I’m not so gullible to believe everyone can do a pull-up.

I’m confident enough to believe we all have the capability to do so.

But if you can’t do one now, what progression should you be using?

Most Globo gyms will have assisted pull-up machines, which are a great tool to begin developing athletes toward that first pull up.

For those that lack that equipment, athletes can find themselves confused for progression.

So what pull up modifications need to be applied?

What pull up variations can be used?

In fitness, just like life, you’ll find there are many alternatives paths to achieve your goal.  You simply have to find the one that works for you.

In our gym, I like to give athletes options for their pull up progression.

Banded Assisted Pull-ups

Banded Assisted Pull-ups, Negative Tempo

Inverted Rows

Inverted Rows – Negative Tempo

This is just a few of the variations we can apply to help someone achieve their first pull-up.

Over time we can remove bands, increase intensity, and ultimately look at how many pull-ups you can string together, rather than simply getting 1.

Happy Lifting

– Joe

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Workout Motivation


What motivates us to workout?

It’s time consuming, stressful, exhausting, and at times unpleasant.

Recently I had a discussion with friend about people who NEED motivation to start training. We didn’t see eye to eye, but that’s the beauty of discussion and seeing the other persons point of view.

Which aloud me to have some self reflection. Ultimately when we first decides to workout, what is the reason?

Hopefully it comes from a genuine place of self improvement. From general observation and personal experience, when we seek out motivation to convince us to start training, sticking with it can become problematic.

Take me for example, I did six years of competitive CrossFit. For the past 2 years I honestly did not want to do it anymore. I didn’t tell a soul, because to me it seem like I was admitting of giving up.

So I looked for outside motivation to keep me in it, music, inspirational quotes, motivating videos, new gyms, and training partners. I continued to do CrossFit because I was good at it, and thought I could take it places.

I no longer did it because of my own personal growth, ultimately abandoning it all together. That false sense of motivation will not last. Its a short term fix, plugging the hole of a already sinking boat.

To truly stay motivated we have to want to improve ourselves.  Watch the full video for more!