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What Are Best Ab Exercises ?

What is the best exercise to get six pack abs? Arguably the most common question in the fitness industry and one of the most irrelevant. I’ve seen some amazing athletes come through gym, with abs looking as if they just step straight off Abercrombie & Fitch poster. Because they have abs, the perception is they’re […]

Missing Lifts & Lessons Learned

Not any time soon will you find me as the poster child on how to handle a missed lift. Like you, I have my bad training days. I’ll miss a lift, throw something, say a few words I’d never say in front of my daughter, pout a little ….eventually process why I missed the lift, […]

Best Accessory/Assistance Exercsie : To Build Strength

  Strength! We’re talking pure, uninhabited strength! You want it, I want it, we all want it. I’m commonly ask “what’s the best exercises to get stronger”.  Which is irrelevant question, what works for one does not work for all. That said, I do have a my favorites that have helped me become stronger through […]

Workout Motivation

Training…. What motivates us to workout? It’s time consuming, stressful, exhausting, and at times unpleasant. Recently I had a discussion with friend about people who NEED motivation to start training. We didn’t see eye to eye, but that’s the beauty of discussion and seeing the other persons point of view. Which aloud me to have […]

We Have Some Exciting News For You!

By now you’ve heard how 98% of those who participated in our last strength cycle set new personal records for their Bench Press, Back Squat, and Deadlift. Almost immediately I was ask when the next strength cycle would start? Today starts our next strength cycle, which will focus on Snatch and Clean & Jerk. Dont […]

Deadlift For Grip Strength : Which Grip Should You Use

I never trained to improve my overall grip strength through grip strength training exercises. I was lucky enough that the strength training I completed, indirectly and adequately strengthen my grip as well. This is not true for all, some may need that supplemental grip strength training. I’ve posted videos before about exercises I find beneficial […]

It’s Test Week at Derby City!

I’m super excited about this week in the gym! For for the past 10 weeks, we’ve been having a strength cycle. The rotation included a 3 day split of push, pull, and squat. I’ve witness so much progression! For some it was the first time they’ve ever completed these lifts, shifting focus to technique. For […]

The BEST Explosive Bodyweight Exercises

Building explosive power is imperative to improving your performance. Myself, I prefer to do this through Olympic Weightlifting, the clean and jerk, and the snatch. What happens when you don’t have a barbell to work in building that explosiveness. Or you can’t make it to the gym that day what can you do at home? […]

What’s The Best Lift to Get Stronger?

My best friend and business partner (Nick “Chewy” Albin) really inspired me with his recent blog post. It talks about the importance of “THE BEST.” He’s very well known in the Jiu Jitsu world and has become a very popular mentor for many on his YouTube. How he’s often ask what is the “BEST” move […]