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Should You Do Push Ups?

Anyone ever told you…. “You liked that movie?” “Your taste in food is bad!” “HOW CAN YOU EVEN LIKE THAT ???” Just because your opinions doesn’t line up with others, doesn’t make you wrong, it’s simply your opinion It’s a very common myth, that the only way someone can get stronger is by lifting weights. […]

Whats The Best Way To Get Ready For A Workout?

You need to warm up before working out! Right now you’re probably saying “well duh” Seems trivial right? But I’m not talking about pulling my arm across my chest, touching my toes, or walking around for a few minutes. Proper priming, stretching, and activation of the muscle groups you’re about to use. That’s the goal! […]

Should You Wear A Lifting Belt?

  A defining moment in my fitness career happen when I was only 17. It was one of the most profound and vivid memories of lifting I have to this day. I was young (and dumb) working out at the local hometown gym.  My friend Sam and I had decided to work on back squats […]

Pull Up Variations

“I want to be able to do a Pull-up!” Outside of “I want to loose weight” and “I want to get stronger.” I can’t think of a more common goal among someone starting in the gym. Pull-ups are simple and effective, after all you’re just pulling your body weight up above a bar… This is […]

When Is The Next Strength Cycle?

When’s the next strength cycle? Everyone has been asking for weeks, what will it consist of, what should we expect. Its fast approaching, the next strength cycle will start 7/29/19. The program will focus on Power Cleans, Back Squat, and Strict press. Movements are great not only for building overall strength, but also for increasing […]

Belt Squat Variations

Nothing should come more natural to us than squatting. It’s a very natural motion we do countless times every day. Anytime I mention squats, I like to remind athletes, there is not one way to squat.  There are countless ways to squat. Our own ability to perform a squat, availability to equipment, all can be […]

Fast, Simple, Effective – Banded Shoulder Warm-up

What’s your morning ritual? Me, I wake up, use the bathroom, brush my teeth then check my email. It’s one of the most natural, mindless things of my day. Now, what’s your warm up ritual? Do you have one? Or do you just plunge right into your training? Recently for our Grappling Power Program Chewy […]