Back Squat Set Up : Adding Stability, Strength, & Depth

The first thing that comes into most of our minds when attempting to squatting heavy weight.
But should it be?
More squats have been lost when coming out of the rack, from small little details, that have nothing to do with the legs than anything else.
The resolve…fixing your set up.
Think of building a house, you start with a nice solid foundation.  But if you build the house with no actual support structure what will happen?
It’s simply going to collapse…just like a squat will.
We focus so much on what’s going on with the lower body, we forget to dial in the set up of the upper body.
It’s seems almost like a “Duh” moment, but if you watch most people squat they forget these small little details.
These are absolutes of squatting that have to be done, without question.
  • Pulling the bar down onto our back
  • Locking our shoulder blades back and down
  • Maintain a healthy and stable core
  • Natural Spine
How many are you checking off? 1 or 2?
Little things, like making sure to un-racking the weight using both legs to drive the weight out of the rack.
Pulling the weight into our shoulder blades locking them into place, deep breath through the belly, and bracing like someone is about to punch you in the stomach.
All these little details will set you up for success with your squats.
Allowing you to maximize your squat stability, strength, and overall depth.


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