Should You Do Push Ups?

Anyone ever told you….

“You liked that movie?”

“Your taste in food is bad!”


Just because your opinions doesn’t line up with others, doesn’t make you wrong, it’s simply your opinion

It’s a very common myth, that the only way someone can get stronger is by lifting weights.

Bro science strikes again!

When I hear someone regurgitate bro science and tell someone “you need to lifts weights to get stronger,” I feel obligated to better serve that person.

The truth is, you HAVE to learn fundamental bodyweight mechanics before ever picking up a barbell.

If your mechanics are off on a push up, chances are that will have carry over to your bench press.

If your body weight squat mechanics are off, that will have bad carry over to back squat (and a whole list of other movements)

You can literally watch someone pick something off the floor and tell what their deadlift is going to look like.

That’s why its not only important but NESSASSRY to start athletes of with an assessment of their body weight movements.

So the gym bro who told you to lift weights, while he isn’t wrong, they are putting the cart before the horse.

In fact my training in gymnastic has added more stability, mobility, and appreciate for body weight exercises than any weighted exercise.

My favorite exercise for body weight strength is the Narrow Grip Push Up.

I find it a more stable way to teach athletes to correctly complete a push up.

It allows me to develop their overall push strength, while overloading the tricep and focus on their stability through the movement.

The push up is such a universal exercise, can be found in almost every sport.  Each of which will have their own twist to the exercise.

For the athletes I focus on push strength, I ensure to make it functional carry over for their overall push strength in their respected sport.


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