Whats The Best Way To Get Ready For A Workout?

You need to warm up before working out!

Right now you’re probably saying “well duh”

Seems trivial right?

But I’m not talking about pulling my arm across my chest, touching my toes, or walking around for a few minutes.

Proper priming, stretching, and activation of the muscle groups you’re about to use.

That’s the goal!

We’re currently into our first of our latest training cycle.  For the past two weeks, the warm up was lead by our instructors to teach our athletes the importance of a warm up, and how to do our recommended primer.

I told my athletes I’d do FULL videos on each individual warm up, with an explanation of each movement.

Our constent goal is not just tell you how to work out but teach you. 

Now these videos can range from 6-11 minutes, so it can be a little more lengthy than some of our others.

But I promise, if you take the time to look through these, you’ll find some gems that WILL help you!

Simply click the links to get started!

Olympic Primer 

Squat Primer

Push Primer

As always, I’m here to help, if you have any questions don’t hesitate to ask.

– Joe

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