Should You Wear A Lifting Belt?


A defining moment in my fitness career happen when I was only 17.

It was one of the most profound and vivid memories of lifting I have to this day.

I was young (and dumb) working out at the local hometown gym.  My friend Sam and I had decided to work on back squats that day.

Now remember I was just 17, every lift is a ego lift then.  There was no program to follow, no true goal in mind, just to “get stronger”

Right as I begin to remove the weight and squat, one of the gym members walks over tosses a belt at my feet.

“Hey big guy you’re gonna need this.”  As he tosses a belt at my feet and walks away.

First off I’m 130lbs at the time soak and wet, I was just impressed someone thought I was a “big guy” huge flex to my ego…

Now he was a true big fella, and at that time, might made right in the gym.  He said I should use it, so I did.

If I want to look like this guy, I should lift like this guy right?

From then on, I was always wearing a belt, because bro science told me so.

Now nearly two decades later, I still see people slipping into the “I’m lifting so I need a belt” mode.

The very first thing you should ask yourself is “why do I need this belt”

A weightlifting belt is used as a tool in assistance of the lift, it is NOT a pre-requisite for the lift itself.



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