Belt Squat Variations

Nothing should come more natural to us than squatting.

It’s a very natural motion we do countless times every day.

Anytime I mention squats, I like to remind athletes, there is not one way to squat.  There are countless ways to squat.

Our own ability to perform a squat, availability to equipment, all can be limiting factors in which we need a variation.

For some, just setting weight onto the back of the shoulders can cause anxiety and mental pressure can build before the lift takes place.

You could be experiencing some form lower back pain or shoulder issues which now causes you to lack the ability to do a loaded barbell squat.

For those who experience these fears and limitations, I always like to recommend a belt squat.

Belt squats are a little different, its going to be a different feel, but it will work.

Not every gym has a belt squat machine, so like any good lifter we adapt with variations.

When you load a barbell and step under a back squat, we load the weight onto our shoulders putting our torso under tension.

The belt squat provides us with a variation to increase leg and hip strength without loading or damaging your back. 

The weight pulling at the hip can also provide traction for the spine.

The greatest benefit for the belt squat is it will allow you to load the lower body without loading the spine. 

I will also use these as a primer before squats on some days, just to get everything tight before the barbell.


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