Fast, Simple, Effective – Banded Shoulder Warm-up

What’s your morning ritual?

Me, I wake up, use the bathroom, brush my teeth then check my email. It’s one of the most natural, mindless things of my day.

Now, what’s your warm up ritual? Do you have one? Or do you just plunge right into your training?

Recently for our Grappling Power Program Chewy (Chewjitsu) and I design, we program out some primers for our athletes. We want to teach the benefits of a proper activation of muscle groups prior to training.

Quickly, the athletes on the program fell in love with the warm up!

I’m not saying ours is the best in the world, it’s simply what we found works for us, and feel can benefit other athletes.

In one of our Live Q&A’s we do with the athletes on the program, one ask extra banded warm ups I prefer. While these stretches may not be in the primers, they are part of my daily warm up ritual.

Like waking up and brushing my teeth, it has become organic with my daily ritual stretches and warm up.

Each of these I’ve found have profound benefits in my activation before lifting.

I can’t think of a training day I’m not using my shoulders, lats, and tricep, of which these all target.

If you’re suffering from tight wrist, overhead positioning, or simply feel like learning some new banded stretches give these a try.

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See you in the gym!



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