The Grappling Power Program : It’s Here

These last couple of days I’ve been talking about strength training with you.

And I hope by now I’ve stressed the importance with strength training for both. . .

Performance – A stronger more conditioned body is only going to increase your physical abilities on the mat.

Injury Prevention – By strengthening your body overall, and paying close attention to some of our problem areas you’ll fight off the muscular imbalances.

A third benefit that is 100% irrelevant to BJJ is that with the extra muscle. . . you simply look better naked. I mean who doesn’t like looking in the mirror and being happy with what’s staring back at you?

To help some of you out whether you decide to jump aboard our program or wing it on your own.

Chewy and I sat down and talked strength training. Both our program and in general for BJJ practitioners. And I put it alld the good stuff together in a free ebook for you.

Here’s a few things you’ll pick up inside the free ebook. . .

FREE Q&A Download

• How a program based on fundamentals can benefit a beginner and advanced lifter alike (page.02)

• The thing most novice lifters lack with their strength training programs (page.03)

• Why your weight training SHOULD NOT mimic your grappling training (page.04)

• Muscle imbalances most BJJ practitioners have, and some exercises that help correct them! (page.04)

• Should you lift and do BJJ on the same day, different day, back to back or split it up? (page.07)

• How long should your workouts be to get results? (page.08)

• The most overused excuse in BJJ that you should NEVER use! (page.12)

• Is strength training more important at higher or lower belts in BJJ? (page.13)

• Lifting weights with or after a meniscus injury (page.15)

• Why you should be wary or trainers who tell you there is only ONE way to lift! (page.16)

• Why strength training isn’t necessary for BJJ, but why you should do it anyway. (page.18)

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