How to Improve Ankle Mobility

On a previous video of mine, I received a question from Nicholas regarding soreness in his calves after he tries to rolling them. This is a common problem with many new lifters and those lifters who do not perform mobility or recovery exercised on their calves.

Using any combination of these three stretches will help you to improve your overall calf mobility and will help to reduce pain and tightness you may be feeling.

Stretch #1 – Standing Calf Stretch

For this stretch you will want to find a wall, pole, rig, etc. that you can use to support yourself. The stretch starts by facing the support and placing your heel as close to it as possible. Keeping the knee straight and leaning forward, hold this stretch for the desired length of time. You should feel this through your entire calf.

Stretch #2 – Achilles Stretch

This is similar to the Standing Calf Stretch except now we will be squatting down a little more and pushing the knee forward. You should feel this in your Achilles tendon.

Stretch #3 – Modified Goblet Squat

Start by getting to the bottom of your squat and holding. In this position, slowly shift your weight from side to side. You can use your elbow to help press your knee out to achieve a deeper stretch. This movement is great for when you are on the go and don’t have access to a support structure for the previous two movements.


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