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Fixing Wrist Pain Before Weightlifting

There is simply no replacement for good warm ups and recovery. Stretches both dynamic and static have their place when priming your body before training. Easier said than done right? I’m guilty of NOT doing any post training recovery, in which I pay for dearly. I really need to practice more of what I preach […]

Tight Traps & Neck Muscles : Lacrosse Ball Fix

As a teenager, Monday nights was my “church” night.  Probably not the church you’re thinking of. It was the biggest night to watch wrestling of the week!  I never missed a episode.  I remember the Monday night wars between WWF/WCW as the political rival of my child hood. I was a WWF fan myself.  But […]

Strength Training For BJJ : How to Find Balance

“Train Smarter Not Harder” I’m sure at some point you’ve heard any variation of that quote. Buy why wouldn’t we work on training harder AND smarter. I’m frequently ask in one way or another from athletes in our gym, how they should split up their strength training with their Jiu Jitsu. First, don’t over do […]

Belt Squat: The Back Squat Substitute

There is no movement in the weight room more natural to humans than squatting. For some setting weight onto the back of the shoulders can cause anxiety, failing the lift before its even started. For others, there could be some lower back or shoulder issues not allowing you to squat. Belt squats are a little […]

Foam Rolling : Stop Wasting Your Time

I joke a lot with Chewy, on how he could stand on his head for a warm up, before he teaches Jiu Jitsu and the next day everyone would be doing the same. I don’t feel that its a far fetched statement since he’s built such trust among his athletes, and leading by example, they […]

Power Jerk: Perfecting The Dip & Drive

It wouldn’t be over indulging to say I enjoy lifting. In fact, outside of spending time with my wife and beautiful daughter, I cant think of a simpler activity that brings me more joy. A few months back I attended a weightlifting seminar in Columbus, OH. When it was over, the instructor approached m giving […]

Killer Grip Strength Exercises For Jiu Jitsu

I’ve worked so closely with Nick “Chewy” Albin  these past 8 years, I’ve listen to countless of his podcast, videos, lectures, and his ever so elegant rambles. Almost all of his seminars, social media, and in person I’ve witness a trend of questions. One that sticks out the most is “How Do I Improve My […]