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Strength Training For BJJ : DONT WASTE YOUR TIME!

Perception IS reality! Social media is filled with it Posts of a happy couple smiling together. The perception is story book relationship Posting pictures of fancy cars and nice clothes. The perception is wealth Pictures of someone flexing large muscles. The perception is they’re strong….. We only see what’s on the surface, we see what […]

Strict Press : 3 Steps to Bigger Weight

Simple and Effective. When it comes to improving our fitness, its what we want.   Get in get out, getting the job done. Work smarter, not harder.  Right? I’d like to have a running total of the countless hours I’ve spent wasted, performing isolated exercises to improve my strength. The overall implications of  isolated movements can […]

BJJ Strength Training : When to Do It!

How do you fit in your strength training with your Jiu Jitsu? Its safe to say its a loaded question, and only through trial and error can you find what works best for you. I can safely tell you my worst days ever on a mat, was when I thought I could run through my […]

The Unoffical Start of Summer – Memorial Day

Has anyone in your family served in the military? If they’re anything like mine, I bet they have some memorable stories. My grandfathers side of the family has a rich military tradition with each generation serving. None more prestige in my eyes than my grandfather. He served in WW2, stormed the beaches of Okinawa, fought the […]

How to Improve Ankle Mobility

On a previous video of mine, I received a question from Nicholas regarding soreness in his calves after he tries to rolling them. This is a common problem with many new lifters and those lifters who do not perform mobility or recovery exercised on their calves. Using any combination of these three stretches will help […]

How to Train Around Injuries

There we are… Remember when you where a kid.  Its Christmas Eve, the excitement, eagerness to open presents, unable to sleep. Anxious, excited, adrenaline coursing through your veins, you just can’t wait to get started! This was the first time I remember having that restless eagerness feeling. Now this is me any time I’m about […]

Strength Training For BJJ : Don’t Do it?

I can’t believe it! The fact I would ever have to a rebuttal video on if someone should or should not do strength training. Of all things, for such a physically demanding sport that requires explosive speed, STRONG ligaments, and muscular endurance. Specifically talking about Brazilian Jiu Jitsu. It goes without saying, I’m a little […]

This Is How I Got Big Quads

For me, my gym is more than athletes and members. I spend more time with these people, than I do anyone else. Building relationships and memories, as cliché as it sounds, through blood sweat and tears. Every athlete I train, I can identify their physical identifying trait.  I would bet if you ask anyone what […]

What Are Best Ab Exercises ?

What is the best exercise to get six pack abs? Arguably the most common question in the fitness industry and one of the most irrelevant. I’ve seen some amazing athletes come through gym, with abs looking as if they just step straight off Abercrombie & Fitch poster. Because they have abs, the perception is they’re […]

Missing Lifts & Lessons Learned

Not any time soon will you find me as the poster child on how to handle a missed lift. Like you, I have my bad training days. I’ll miss a lift, throw something, say a few words I’d never say in front of my daughter, pout a little ….eventually process why I missed the lift, […]