Tight Traps & Neck Muscles : Lacrosse Ball Fix

As a teenager, Monday nights was my “church” night.  Probably not the church you’re thinking of.
It was the biggest night to watch wrestling of the week!  I never missed a episode.  I remember the Monday night
wars between WWF/WCW as the political rival of my child hood.
I was a WWF fan myself.  But then this MASSSIVE wrestler showed up named Goldberg for WCW.  His traps went from his shoulders all the way up to his ears.
As a kid, that was nothing short of impressive, his was so big people even begin to call it their “Goldberg” muscles.
I wanted mine to look that way!
I use to endless amounts of barbell shrugs through my miss guided, and fairly under educated youth.
It wasn’t until I discovered Olympic weightlifting, that my traps (trapezius) really begin to grow.
This is one of those be careful what you wish for moments, now that I do have bigger traps, they get tight all the time.
Can lead to stiffness, mess up my lifting sessions, cramps when I do Jiu Jitsu, and even tension headaches.
My favorite way to elevate some of that tension is with a lacrosse ball pushed again a hard surface.

This really allows me to get a lot of tension release and pressure into the area where I’m feeling stiffness.

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