Bench Press – Your Do’s And Don’ts Checklist

Here we go International Chest Day!

Like any lifter, we all want a big bench press, I still remember the first time I got over 200lbs, I thought I had made it, that I was in the big time.

Looking back, I had no idea what I was doing, I wish someone had shared some bench tips with me. Its not as simple as getting under the bar and pressing it, there are mechanical processes that will DRASTICLY improve your bench press.

Let’s talk about my set up, more of a checklist I use when bench pressing. This is the same bench I’ve used to hit PR’s as high as 385lbs at 205lbs bodyweight.

Here’s what you’ll find necessary for the checklist.

First I want to ensure your bar is lined up evenly. Making sure your weight is not shifting more to one side than the other. Now I’ll get under the bar.

Once I’m under there is a few things that take place. My eyes are in line directly under the bar My hands are in the same position as my overhead press.

My Hips are in contact with bench.  My Thumb is gripped around the bar (no suicide grip) I’ll now use the bar as leverage to pull myself up, set my shoulders into place, I’ll press into the bar pushing my shoulder firmly against the bench.

Bracing my core I’ll arch enough so someone could run their hand under my lower back all the way through.

I will now walk my feet back being on my toes pushing into my body driving my traps further into my bench. In this position you’ll notice my knees are lower than my hips.

Now we’ll drive the bar up, lowering it down across my nipple line.

It’s important to point out that as I’m lowering and pushing the bar my elbows stay in front of or under the barbell.

PLEASE remember to breath!

You may find you’re already doing a few of these. This process has drasticly driven my bench press numbers up. Good luck!

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